Listings Under “Chargers”

Dual Pro (Pro Charging Systems)
Pro Charging Systems is a leading provider of a wide range of battery charging systems for the marine, industrial, emergency services and recreational market.
Hayley Electronics
Hayley single phase rectifier/battery chargers supply DC power to your system and maintain your UPS system batteries in peak condition ensuring that your operation has power available at all times.
Xenotronix standard products include a complete line of high quality off-the-shelf chargers for Sealed Lead-Acid, Nickel Cadmium and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries.
La Marche
La Marche products include industrial battery chargers, rectifiers, power supplies, inverters and many more. We have built our reputation by controlling all aspects of the development process including design, in-house manufacturing and testing.
C-CAN Power Systems is a leading manufacturer of DC power systems used to support critical communication, industrial process and transportation systems.
Manufacturers of the World's Best, Fully Automatic Battery Chargers.
We are an established leader in the design and manufacture of essential DC and AC power supply & battery charging equipment.
Alcad’s unrivaled advantages: reliable cutting-edge technology products, global reach of services, uncompromising focus on quality and over a century of experience.